Green Earth - Gel Fuel

Fire Gel - 13oz Can with Crackle


The original, premium gel fuel primarily designed for use with indoor ventless fireplaces and Ceramic Fire Pots. Odourless, smokeless, non-toxic and doesn't leave any soot, smoke or ashes. Realistic, robust, bright yellow, orange and red flame that crackles just like an authentic wood fire.

A “Green Alternative” for outdoor burning; both environmentally friendly and much safer. Stable burn – doesn’t slosh or spill and not susceptible to weather conditions. Small radius of heat; safe for use in confined areas such as balconies, gazebos and screened-in porches.

Use the Green Earth Fire Gel Snuffer to extinguish the flame. Re-light and properly extinguish as often as desired. Before re-lighting, always clear out any ash debris.

You may discover a small amount of surface rust or some milky white in the can. This will have no effect on the performance of the flame or introduce undesirable components to the environment.

Bulk discount!

  • 6-23 cans for $5.24/can
  • 24+ cans for $4.99/can
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  • Burn time: Approximately 3 hours
  • 13oz can
  • Size of Can: 3.75"x3.25"
  • Code: 00200421222

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