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Graphium weiskei

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Jewels of Nature will add dramatic flare to any room. This butterfly is farm bred, with a certain number released into their natural habitat to ensure their population remains stable.

Product Information Card (included on the back of each frame): The purple spotted swallowtail is a large and colourful butterfly found only in Papua New Guinea. The swallowtail family is found on all continents except for Antarctica, and differs from other families because as a caterpillar it has an osmeterium behind its head. The osmeterium is a fork-like organ that can be inverted when the caterpillar is being attacked. It emits a foul secretion called terpene, which can be found in turpentine and resin.

This wooden shadow box showcases the G. weiskei butterfly; a beautiful display piece for any wall, and a great gift for any butterfly lover or entomologist!

If your 1st frame colour option is unavailable, another colour option will automatically be substituted.

  • Size: 10"x1.5"x19"
  • Insect Size: 2" x 7"
  • Shadowbox Material: Wood with glass cover
  • Real Specimen
  • To preserve the appearance of this product, the butterfly should not be displayed in direct sunlight.
  • Made in Canada
  • Code: 00208869391

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