Green Earth - Jewels of Nature

P. blumei/P. ulysses/P. thoas

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Jewels of Nature will add dramatic flare to any room. This butterfly is farm bred, with a certain number released into their natural habitat to ensure their population remains stable.

Product Information Card (included on the back of each frame): This selection of beautiful butterfllies found in the Australasia/Indomalaysia eco-zone and part of the Papilionidae family. There are over 550 different species of these butterflies in the world. Swallowtails differ from other butterfly families because they have something called an osmeterium. This is a fork-like organ that can protrude from the top of their head. It emits a foul smelling substance called terpene when it is inverted. Terpene is also found in turpentine and resin.

This wooden shadow box showcases the beautiful swallowtail butterflies; a beautiful display piece for any wall, and a great gift for any butterfly lover or entomologist!

If your 1st frame colour option is unavailable, another colour option will automatically be substituted.

  • Size: 18.5" x 1.5" x 9.5"
  • Shadowbox Material: Wood & Glass
  • Real Specimens
  • Made in Canada
  • Code: 00210079889

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