Petal Lane

Magnet Board - Fancy Frame 22"X22"

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Each year wildfires burn a vast amount of land throughout North America, often leaving behind standing forests of blackened pines. In 2012, Utah had a record amount of wildfires, burning over 500,000 acres. This framed magnet board is milled locally from wood harvested from these naturally dried and aged timbers, reclaiming their original beauty and helping to restore the forests for future generations.

Be inspired with these new magnetic canvas art boards! This board features canvas artfully placed in an ebony finish on a reclaimed wood frame. Decorate bedrooms, kitchens or offices!

  • Size: 22" x 2" x 22"
  • Material: Wood, Magnetic Board and Canvas
  • Includes Decorative Magnets
  • Code: 00213832148

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