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Haplopelma minax

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Jewels of Nature will add dramatic flare to any room. This left insect is farm bred, with a certain number released into their natural habitat to ensure their population remains stable.

Product Information Card (included on the back of each frame): Haplopelma is a genus of old world tarantula and lacks urticating hairs, and uses biting as a primary means of defense. They inhabit the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia, where they build and live in burrows up to several feet deep, emerging to capture food.

This wooden shadow box showcases the tarantula, making it a beautiful display piece for any wall.

If your 1st frame colour option is unavailable, another colour option will automatically be substituted.

  • Size: 9.5"x1.5"x8.5"
  • Shadowbox Material: Wood with glass cover
  • Real Specimen
  • To preserve the appearance of this product, it should not be displayed in direct sunlight.
  • Made in Canada
  • Code: 00213897092

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