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Purple Clay Decanter


Purple Clay was originally derived from the purple light that can reflect from the surface no matter what colour the clay is after firing. This clay will absorb tannins, acids and free radicals from your wine allowing the rich fullness of it's flavour to emerge significantly over serving from glass or metal.

Serving beverages in our unglazed Purple Clay earthenware offers a smoother flavour. Ideal for red wine but may also be used for any drink. For the optimal flavour experience, pour your red wine into the decanter at least 10 minutes prior to enjoying the new, rich, smooth flavour.

Please note that the rim of each product is glazed by hand so slight variations in colour will occur.

  • Size: 5"x5"x9"
  • Material: Unglazed Clay
  • Holds one 750ml bottle of wine
  • Not Dishwasher or Microwave safe
  • Do not stack for storage
  • Rinse in warm water with no soap
  • Air dry
  • Periodically soak for approximately 1 hour to release the acids and tannins
  • Code: 00213911633

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