Green Earth - Incense

Chakra Incense Set (includes incense burner)


Chakra Balancing is a practice through meditation and visualization, which opens up and clears all 7 chakras, allowing you to see and feel the world around you more clearly. You will feel rejuvenated and free to reach your full potential as will as feeling an understanding of the workings of the universe. Evaluate your Chakra and use meditation to release stress and open closed chakras. Set includes 7 chakra based incense packs and one burner.

Crown contains Lotus essential oils.

Third eye contains Eucalytpus essential oils.

Throat contains Jasmine essential oils.

Heart contains Rose essential oils.

Solar Plexus contains Lavender essential oils.

Sacrak contains Ylang Ylang essential oils.

Root contains Cedar essential oils.

  • Size: 10.75"x1"x8.5"
  • 7 uniquely scented chakra incense packs (10 sticks per pack) and a wooden incense burner
  • Incense contains bamboo and essential oils
  • Code: 00213938351

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