Green Earth - Jewels of Nature

Panoploscelis specularis

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Jewels of Nature will add dramatic flare to any room. This cricket is farm bred, with a certain number released into their natural habitat to ensure their population remains stable

Product Information Card (included on the back of each frame): This cricket, commonly called Giant Lobster Cricket, is from the family Tettigoniidae. These terrestrial, predatory insects are endemic to the remote and relatively inaccessible Neotropical rainforests of Central and South America. Males can measure 60–75 mm in length while females are slightly longer at 69–83 mm

  • Size: 8.75"x1.5"x12"
  • Shadowbox Materia:: Wood with glass cover
  • Real Specimen
  • To preserve the appearance of this product, do not be displayed in direct sunlight
  • Code: 00213978521

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